Monday, 14 January 2019

Bask into the Romance as We Give You 5 Romantic Destinations near Chennai

Open your wings of romance as the Big Valentine’s Day is fast approaching near.  There are plenty of romantic places to visit in India, I also wrote about those romantic places in India in my previous blog posts. But today, I’m updating you with a South Indian state - Chennai.

Formerly known as Madras and now officially - Chennai, this South Indian state is laced with many beaches, urban setups, and cityscape. But a very few of you know that there are plenty of other romantic destinations near Chennai exist where you can make the most of your romantic moments with your special someone.

To reveal those ultra-romantic places near Chennai, take inspiration from my list of 5 romantic destinations near Chennai where romancing is easy without being spending your heavy cash. Thank me later.

1.     Pondicherry

Rolling sand beaches barefoot walks, seashells, adrenaline pumping water sports activities. These are the adjectives to describe the surreal beauty that Pondicherry holds under its belt. Roughly 150 km far from Chennai, lies Pondicherry. Here you’ll be awarded by the old world charm of French colonies, pristine lakes, heaps of fun are also guaranteed while you’ll indulge into the nightlife of Pondicherry.

2. Kodaikanal

Awarded the best place for exquisite vegetation, vibrant flowers, lush mountains smoked up with the mist of clouds, Kodaikanal is located roughly around 530 km from Chennai. You can visit Dolphin Nose point with your sweetheart and admire the beauty of the surrounding mountains covered with lush green vegetation. Fall in love with yourself and nature and walk having hands in hands with your sweetheart at Coaker’s Walk. The place offers awesome views of the plains from above the height of 2000 m.

3. Coorg

Takes a break from your monotonous life and head to Coorg. Located roughly 570 km from Chennai, locals called Coorg ‘The Scotland Of India’. From the famous tea plantations to the pristine waterfalls and thrilling wildlife, your Coorg holidays would help you to relish the bounties of nature and also give you the opportunity to take up some nerve-wracking romance with your soulmate. So, make your bookings to Coorg with our vivid Honeymoon packages from Chennai.

4. Munnar

Do I need to say something in favor of Munnar? Or you got that feeling of emerald, rolling tea garden hills and surreal beauty? Voted as the maximum romantic destination by Lonely Planet Travel Magazine in 2017,  the town of Munnar is located around 590 km from Chennai. The place offers a nice overview of Kerala rich nature. Peaceful and charming place hides many hilly resorts and romantic cafes where you and your better half can have a romantic dinner.

5. Wayanad

How about impressing your romantic partner amidst the dense mountain region that stretches along the Western Ghats? Located roughly 620 km far from Chennai, there lies a town name Wayanad where you can enjoy Here you can enjoy climbing to Edakkal Caves, trekking to Chembara Peak and Meenmutty Falls and you also can explore the ancient Jain temples if you want your romantic prayers to get answered.

So, guys, why don’t you leave everything and make the most of your love in any of these 5 Romantic Destinations Near Chennai? In case you are wondering what all those places are a few kilometers away from Chennai and it will cost you more, then fret not! Honeymoon Bug honeymoon packages from Chennai comes with super affordable offers that won’t make a big hole in your pocket. So, let us know when you’re embarking to make out love in South India. We would be happy to curate the good trip for you.

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