Sunday, 13 January 2019

Plan a Staycation at One of the 5 Best Hotels in Ladakh

Luxurious, Lavish, Soothing, Comfortable… there’s an endless list of adjectives you can use for describing best hotels in Ladakh. From affordable living to extravagant living, to get your senses primed with the surreal beauty of Ladakh.

No doubt, that the tourism in Ladakh has been boosted in past few years. Thanks to its places of attraction that lures thousands of visitors every season. Well, travelling to Ladakh is super cool and our checklist of best hotels in Ladakh adds more charm and push to persuade you to visit Ladakh. Take a look at them. They are super affordable and guess what?

If you’ll book your Leh Ladakh Tour Packages with Go2Ladakh, you’ll get tempting offers on your stay as well. How amazing is this? Read on, to know more!

Here is the list of 5 whacky and eye-popping best hotels in Ladakh to stay if you want to veer away from monotonous life.

 1.      Himalayan Homestays
If you are an avid traveller or an enthusiast trekker who loves to explore the remote areas of Ladakh, then hit upon Himalayan Homestays - the network of rural homestays across the majestic mountains is one of the best hotels in Ladakh for all the good reasons. From Ladakh style floor seating to lip-smacking Ladakh food to bio-toilets, you stay here would be satisfying.

2. The Grand Dragon Ladakh
Want to be pampered by the traditional Ladakh hospitality on your Leh Ladakh Tour Package? Then you need to head to The Grand Dragon Ladakh. Situated in the heart of the city, the hotel fits perfectly into it’s name - The Grand.  Here you’ll be provided with two kinds of accommodation options right from the deluxe to premier rooms. Check it out because The Grand Dragon is one of the best hotels in Ladakh for healthy stay amidst the mountains. Go, check out because you’ll be astonished by the interior as well a exterior beauty of this hotel that is filled with Ladakh elements.

3. Nimmu House
Want to experience the blend of Ladakh on your Ladakh trip? Check out the Nimmu House for an experience blending Ladakh architecture as well as culture. This extravagant hotel is located roughly half-hour from the city of Leh. It has round 4 rooms and 5 tents so that you can determine whether you need to camp or stay in a room. Isn't this amazing? The place also has an eating place, a spa and Buddhist temples! The meals are conventional Ladakhi, and they provide diverse programs that assist you to study more about the way of life of Ladakh! What else do you want extra on your accommodations in Ladakh? 

4. Stok Palace Heritage Hotel
Palace+Heritage+Hotel, these 3 phrases are enough to sum up this extravagant hotel. The hotel was built in 1820 and was once, the home of Namgyal Dynasty and was opened for public stays in 1980 by the Dalai Lamba. From the lifesyle of the former King and Queen of former Ladakh Kingdom to the well preserved history, everything about those hotel will rejuvenate your mind when you’ll make your stay here.

5. Saboo Resorts
Awarded to capture the essence of Ladakh culture, Saboo hotel is nestled in the old fashioned Saboo Village, the Saboo resorts is a high priced lodging located around 7 Kms from Leh town. It has 15 cottages with queen-sized beds, and the essential facilities to make your existence a pleasant one. Make the most of the picturesque perspectives of the lofty mountains and the highly-priced greenery!

Thanks to these one of the best Hotels In Ladakh. If your idea is to bask in the luxurious accoomodations in Ladakh, then inject any of these hotels in your Leh Ladakh tour package. Wondering that your stay at these extravgant hotels will make a hole in your pocket? Actually, not! With Go2Ladakh affordable Leh Ladakh tour package, you can take some inspiration, and heeps of discounts are guaranteed!

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