Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Why You Need to Have Kerala on Your Travel Bucket List

Are you planning a vacation to an Indian destination? If the answer resounds yes, choose no other than Kerala. This exquisite place is not worth to be missed at any cost. Known as India’s one of the most beautiful states, it hosts myriad of places that are no less than a magnet. Once you will visit Kerala, you will surely feel like coming back time and again.

The Indian state is bestowed with plethora of immaculate places that are truly a paradise. No matter you are on a honeymoon or a vacation with your family; the heaven on earth will leave no stone unturned to please you.

If you are influenced well in spending your upcoming vacations in Kerala, don’t miss to employ a reliable travel company. Being a novice, you might not be well acquainted with its worth seeing sights, culture, languages, beaches, cuisines, and a lot more. We, at HolidayWorms have well-trained staff who are expert in custom making a perfect travel itinerary. We will list all the spectacular places in your list. Let’s have a look at some of the spellbinding places of Kerala that gives you assurance why you need to have Kerala on your travel bucket list.

Gavi, Periyar

For nature lovers, this is a must visit place. This amazing forested area located in the Periyar Tiger Reserve surround the Gavi Lake. The lake encompasses pristine water reflecting the hues of the forests around it. The forests houses varied wildlife and bird species. This is an unseen place which has been still untouched by commercialization.

Varkala Beach

If you are on a honeymooning, don’t miss to pay a visit to Varkala Beach. It is one of the popular destinations of Kerala. With a romantic ambience, picturesque beauty, and beautiful sunset you can cherish a great time with your spouse. Apart from this, the beach also features numerous shops that are lined up along the coastline. You can please your taste buds by having whale.


Munnar is a place that is brimming with tea plantation. The charm it offers to the eyes makes it a must visit place. It houses various exotic resorts and spas where you can relax and experience ultimate peace.

Muzhappilangad Beach

This is an another place to weave memories of love and togetherness. If you are a driving junkie- you will seriously adore this place. It is the longest drive-in beach of the world where you can drive a car or a bike. Apart from this, its scenic beauty attracts large number of tourists each year.


This place is meant for the adventure seekers. If you wish to eschew the hustle and bustle of life, this is a place for you. Being one of the best treks in Kerala, it summits at the top of Agasthyamalai. The view from the top is so resplendent that your inner desire to settle there will be born.

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