Friday, 28 September 2018

Top Romantic International Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoons are the experiences of a lifetime. There are a lot many things that one can gain out of a honeymoon experience that will stay with you for a lifetime and beyond. Also there is a certain fascination for honeymoons in foreign lands, thus, international honeymoon package are the most common packages for Tour Operator in India. We have curated some of the most amazing honeymoon destinations for you to celebrate your love in the most special way possible.

These are the most romantic international destinations in the world that you can choose from, for your honeymoon.


Dubai is one of the most classic places to go on a honeymoon, known as ‘The Jewel of Emirati’; it is one of the most favourite honeymoon destinations in the world for people across the globe. Being an archipelago of architecture, one would be intimidated by those sky high towers that one can find in Dubai, apart from that, a life of luxury can be best lived in Dubai. There are also multiple luxury options that one can find in Dubai. One of the best experiences in Dubai has to be the desert safari which is all about dune bashing, belly dance performance, barbeques, Arabian cuisines, etc. The best things to try on a Dubai honeymoon are Shopping, Skiing, sky diving, visiting the souks, trying some fine dining experiences etc. The best places to visit in Dubai are Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Wild Wadi Water Park etc and the ideal time to book Dubai honeymoon tour packages are from November to February.


Singapore still enjoys a lot of fame when it comes to International Honeymoon Trip; this place has all what one needs for an ideal honeymoon escape that will fill your hearts with joy and hopes. There are many great experiences awaiting you in Singapore, the most famous for them has to the Universal studios where you can be little ones again and have the maximum of fun trying various rides in this theme park. Also, one cannot miss out on the famous Singapore Merlion and the night safari is one of the most ultimate experiences that one can have in Singapore during a holiday.


Bali is one awesome place for young couples looking for some unstereotyped honeymoon destination. There are some of the best places that one can find in Bali for an enchanting honeymoon. There are some of the best beaches that one can find in Bali, along with some of the best views that will make your honeymoon a dreamy experience. Bali is also ideal for couples looking for some adventure activities such as parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling etc. There are also many beautiful temples that you can visit with your partner to take blessings from the almighty during the beginning of your married life. The best time to visit Bali holiday packages is from the months of September to November.


Thailand is one of the best escapes that you can have while being on your honeymoon. There are a lot of great escapes that one can try being in Thailand which will win you over by the variety of experiences that only Thailand can provide you with. Thailand has the most gorgeous sandy beaches where one can have a great time being a beach bum. Also there are many other experiences as well that are in store for you on your Thailand honeymoon such as beautiful views, Thai couple spas, great places to shop from, fine dining places etc, all this would fill magic in you honeymoon experience. The best places to visit in Thailand have to be Bangkok, Phi Phi Islands, Phuket, Koh Samui, and Krabi Islands etc. The best time to visit Thailand is from September to May.


Malaysia is a beautiful destination where you can find some of the best and the most pristine beaches, some of the most stunning islands with the best views, there are many great escapes that one can find in Malaysia. One would also be enchanted by the flora and fauna that Malaysia boasts of. One can try some of the best experiences being here such as scuba diving, jungle trekking, water sports, island-hopping, etc being in Malaysia. Couples can also try the famous cable car ride while being in Malaysia. One cannot miss out on visiting Langkawi, Tioman Island, and Perhentian Island etc while being on a Malaysian honeymoon. The best time to visit Malaysia is from September to December.


Maldives is an ideal honeymoon destination for those who want some fun, wonder and romance while being on a honeymoon. This destination is often included in International Honeymoon Packages from India. This place is filled with some of the best resorts and water villas where you can simply rest and let you be rejuvenated. Try visiting Maldives in the months of November to April to make the most of your trip.


Paris is also known by the name of city of love, with some of the most enchanting escapes, the finest restaurants, the most wonderful sightseeing options, the most admirable boutiques; Paris has won the hearts of many across the globe.

One cannot skip visiting the most famous and the most incredible Eiffel tower while being in Paris for a honeymoon. Also there are many other attractions such as Louvre museum, Notre- dame de Paris etc that will offer some of the best escapes to you while being on your honeymoon.

Having said this, these are the best places that one can visit for an international honeymoon and have the time of their lives being in these beautiful places that provides everything blissful for a honeymoon. So, book your international holiday with Holiday Worms now. Happy honeymoon!

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