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Top 6 dives: Best scuba diving in the world

A close introduction to the vibrant species of the ocean is like a dream come true. And Scuba diving is one of the finest things to do that. Scuba diving allows you to encounter corals and beautiful species of tropical fishes. The underwater caves and wrecks are the most stunning parts of the diving spell. If you are planning to experience scuba diving on your next vacation, then you should look at the following choices.


The Maldives is all about sandy white beaches, stunning coral reefs, and an unbelievable array of marine life. As Scuba Dive is a kind of real fun in the Maldives, a great number of tourists come to visit this beautiful destination. Despite the hard effect of Tsunami on coral reefs in 2004, Maldives managed to recover its initial form in the sense of Scuba Diving. Dive into the ocean and you are likely to see manta rays, eagle rays, whale sharks, moray eels, and more.

Best time to enjoy Scuba Diving: Between December and March


Beautifully coloured corals, pretty little fishes, underwater caves and mountains, and massive whale sharks; all are the good reasons to enjoy scuba diving in The Mu Koh Angthong National Marine Park. This National Marine Park is an archipelago of 42 islands situated close to Koh Samui that is famous for its emerald-green waters and diverse marine life. Thailand is an absolutely safe place for scuba diving and it’s perfect for the beginners.

Best time to enjoy Scuba Diving: November to April


Cover 2,300 km along Australian north-eastern coast and encompass more than 4000 separate reefs, and you reach to the Great Barrier Reef which is one of the best places for Scuba Diving. You can witness around 1500 species of fish and other forms of marine life including dolphins, turtles, porpoises, and dugongs. Countless shipwrecks can also be spotted here. The most interesting thing is that the Great Barrier Reef is so much large that it can be seen from the space too.

Best time to enjoy Scuba Diving: June to August


Egypt is well-known for its rich culture and interesting history. It is pretty unbelievable for some people that Egypt is also known for thrilling Scuba Diving experience. Yes, the land-locked red sea is amazingly unique and a perfect place for Scuba Diving. Here, most popular Diving spots are Dahab, Hurghada, Marsa Alam, and Sharam El-Sheikh. Your eyes will be stunned while getting the flash of reel fish, dolphins, sharks, gorgeous corals, and more.

Best time to enjoy Scuba Diving: Winter months should be preferred


Go to the Barracuda Point which has the wall of coral and sharks are the special guests for the divers. You are guaranteed to witness some amazing marine creatures. This place is best for spotting marines species such as turtles, grouper, jacks, bumphead parrotfish and of course the Barracuda itself.

Best time to enjoy Scuba Diving: April to December, especially July & August

Bali, Indonesia

Very popular with Photographers, Bali is also favourite of Scuba Divers. The combination of black sand with the incredible variety of marine life offers an excellent treat to the Diving lovers. More than 400 species of fish are available to offer awesome beautiful frames to your eyes. Famous species such as goatfish and wrasse nibble around your feet and fins.

Best time to enjoy Scuba Diving: May to November

Now, you need to choose your favorite from these. Budget travellers may book for international tour packages for honeymoon as you can access them with the least amount.

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