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7 Most Dangerous Beaches You Might Not Want To Visit

If you are fond of globetrotting and can’t get enough of the traveling escapades, and you have that adventurous streak too, subscribe to an Internet service such as TDS Service and discover some amazing beaches that you should visit. Try visiting them but on your own risk.

7 Most Dangerous Beaches

If you are a traveling freak and can’t get enough of your globetrotting adventures, and you have that essential adventurous streak too, you are the perfect traveler then. If you are always in search of amazing, new travel attractions, you should subscribe to an Internet service, such as TDS Internet Service and search and browse some of the most amazing travel destinations and exotic places that you must pay a visit to. If you are someone who loves beaches, and you really have a great taste, and you are not afraid of adventures, consider going to some scary and wildly-beautiful beaches that we are going to discuss in this blog post
Get ready to visit these mind-blowing beaches and if you come back safe and sound, you can brag and flaunt endlessly about your bravery and fearlessness all life long. We dare you to visit these dangerous beaches. 

1. Snake Island, Brazil

If you ask us, there is nothing, which is particularly wrong with the topography of this beautiful beach island. Except the lurking fear and risk of being bitten by a highly venomous snake. You may end up surrounded by zillions of highly poisonous snakes. Does it remind you of a frightening childhood dream?  Where you were found on this beautiful beach island and all of a sudden, a massive number of killer snakes surrounded you. Are you daring enough to pay a visit to this island? Just for your information, there are a minimum of 5 snakes per square meter of the island. 

2. Cape Tribulation Beach, Australia

It is located on the Northern Queensland, and is a beautiful coastal resort with stunning white-sand, silvery beaches. The only problem is that the beach is not just home to adventurous tourists but also to crocodiles, venomous snakes, jellyfish, and cassowaries. Just to enlighten you, cassowaries are huge, flightless birds that are relatives of emus and when bothered, they can become way too aggressive and can actually inflict severe injuries. 

3. Gansbaai, South Africa

If you want to head to this beach of gigantic white sharks, you will need a bigger boat. Do you want to actually live the Jaws nightmare? All you need to do is to take a dive and dip in this beach. It is the capital of the great white sharks. Although, it is a tourist attraction for cage diving, but swimming and surfing are highly not recommended in its waters.

4. Skeleton Beach Coast, Namibia

If you have a subscription to TDS TV, have you caught the Birdseye view of this beach in one of the Nat Geo documentaries? Well, the view is mesmerizing, with a blue, beautiful sea, infinite dunes, and lots of surf. But if you are daring enough to actually visit it, the story is different. If you are wondering about the name, it comes from the skeletons of whales and seals. The critical thing is the local environment, which is too harsh that it has killed many.

5. Beach Tamarama, Australia

Found outside the famous Sydney Business District, this beach is one of intensely dangerous and scary patrolled beach, that Australia has. Although there is a good number of visitors to the beach, both local and foreigners, you should know that the intense rip currents that even the most experienced of swimmers experience are dangerous enough to pull swimmers out into the wild, open sea.

6. Bikini Atoll, US Marshall Islands

The country still faces blames for destroying this beautiful beach, with conductions of nuclear bombs in the waters of this beach, which has poisoned the marine wildlife and local fish. Natives even starved to death and had to move away, and the government of the United States later compensated that. If you go there today, the water is not as deadly but still not fit for a swim. 

7. Costa del Sol Beaches, Spain

Full of gorgeous and sandy beaches, and ideal sunny climate, topped with cheap and convenient holiday packages essentially make these Spanish beaches very popular destinations for vacations. But these much-visited beaches have witnessed many drowning deaths. The intense winds and rip currents cause the deaths especially at the beaches that are without any lifeguards.

To read more about the deadly beaches in the world, subscribe to a high-quality Internet service and browse endlessly. Look up ‘TDS Customer Support’ on your browser and discover amazing beaches to visit. 

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