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Explore the Great Thar Desert by riding on the hump of a camel

Do you know that Rajasthan, which is the northwestern state of India, is the right place for exploring the Great Thar Desert? If not, you should make sure about this fact. For making the tour of this desert destination easy, comfortable and convenient, Rajasthan Tour Packages with Prices are specially designed by Holidayworms, one of the leading tour and travel operators of India.

Being famous for its Great Thar Desert, Rajasthan provides its visitors the chance of taking the fine experience of a camel ride. By riding on the colorfully harnessed camel, tourists can take the fine glimpse of the rural life of this desert destination. Being a memorable and exciting experience of travelling on the back of a camel through the golden sands of the Thar Desert, Camel Safari is the activity, which provides the chance of covering the most of the regions in this desert destination.

Places in Rajasthan Offered for Camel Safari   

Bikaner, Jaisalmer and Pushkar are the places of Rajasthan, where Camel Safari is offered. The Safari varies anywhere from 2 to 7 days. To take the fine glimpse of the desert and the rural life only, one can also select the Day Safari. During the Camel Safari, tourists also get the facilities of tent material, water and food.

Best Time to Visit Rajasthan

The dry season (especially between September and March) is the ideal time to enjoy the Camel Safari. This Safari generally begins early in the morning and in case of being the facility of overnight camping available, the tent is fixed before sunset. After dusk, there is no travelling by a camel.

What to Expect

As the Great Thar Desert is greatly populated, unlike other deserts, it provides its visitors the chance of viewing the life style of the residents of the locality. Thus, Camel Safari is the best way to get the insight of the rural life of this desert destination.

Things to Take

Before starting your camel ride, you should carry a hat or turban and apply sunscreen lotion on the open parts of your body. You should also take the sunglasses with you. You should put on a full sleeved cotton shirt with sneakers. You should take a medical kit and water with you.

Riding Instructions

Before starting your Camel Safari, you must make sure that you are well seated on the saddle. The saddle knob should have your backpack hanged on it. While riding, hold on to the reins of the camel and expect a gentle rocking. You must know how to stop the camel and how to make it sit.

Thus, we can rightly say that Rajasthan Camel Safari is regarded as one of the top ways to travel and enjoying in the dry weather of this desert destination. Without a ride on a camel, Rajasthan tour is incomplete. If you are willing to escape to this desert destination to enjoy the adventure of the Rajasthan Camel Safari Tour, you can book Rajasthan Holiday Package. So, get prepared to experience the real Rajasthan while sitting on the hump of a camel.  

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