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Interesting Dishes from the Kitchen of Bali

Who does not love to taste the food that first waters the mouth then makes the tongue its fan, and then directly touches the heart? The melee food lovers throng the streets, restaurants, dhabas, and all other place that offer food, in search of a plate that could satisfy their taste buds. So, foodies get ready to satiate your hunger for delicious food. Yes, the Balinese cuisine offers a finger licking experience with an amazing diversity of dishes. Be it snacks, starters, or main course, the Bali cooks really have a good hand with a great variety of recipes. Here are the most loved dishes from the kitchen of Bali, let us taste them.

Sate or Satay

If you love the combo of spices and meat, Sate is surely for you. Made with turtle or fish, this dish is served with spicy sauce. The brown sugar and green coconut used in the recipe are value added ingredients. Depending on the recipe, this dish may include a number of main ingredients like eggs, goat, chicken, mutton, pork, fish, tofu, beef, and other blends. It also contains variety of vegetables. These main elements are then wrapped around sugarcane or bamboo sticks and proceed to baking procedure.

Bebek and Ayam Betutu

One of the most drooled over dishes from Bali kitchen is Bebek and Ayam Betutu. Food lovers from across the world never miss tickling their taste buds with this yummy dish. Made with brilliance, it includes duck or chicken with stuffing of spices such as onion, turmeric, ginger, kencur, chillies, galangal, and salam leaf. This arrangement is wrapped in banana leaves. It is then baked in coal fire that gives it a smoky flavour. The process takes the time of 6-7 hours. However, this long duration is worth as the taste of Betutu is just unbeatable.

Babi Guling

The Balinese suckling pig is babi guling, an evergreen dish loved by locals as well as tourists. In order to prepare this recipe, pig is roasted well and then stuffed with rich spices and vegetables. The cassava leaves are rolled over coal fire and then the stuffed pig is baked. Earlier, babi guling was considered a traditional dish and cooked occasionally. However, nowadays, it is found at several restaurants. Make sure that you choose a nice place to taste this dish as not everyone is able to give it a taste it deserves.  

Sate Languan

Generally served with rice, sate languan is made with sea fish, brown sugar, spices, and coconut chutney. Hindu people in Bali use it as traditional food, therefore, it is first offered to God during a ritual before it is served to people. It is one of the important foods that they cook during family functions or gatherings. Moreover, sate languan does not last for long, therefore, it should be consumed on the same day.


Another important and main food cooked on special days in the homes of Bali Hindus is Lawar. Yummy and lovely dish Lawar is an excellent mixture of chopped meat, spices, vegetables, and coconut. Lawar has various categories like pork lawar, red lawar, white lawar, and padamare lawar. This flavour-packed dish is especially cooked on festivals and ceremonies. It is lady luck if you know someone in Bali; pay a visit to their home and taste this yummy food.

Isn’t it interesting that you are going to experience an amazing food variety with a single Bali package? Oh yes, pick your fork and eat the sumptuous food you have never tasted. Also do not forget to satisfy your appetite for desserts at Bali.

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