Monday, 26 October 2015

Enjoy Honeymoon Holidays in Maldives by Respecting Local Traditions and Customs

For those planning to celebrate honeymoon in the most romantic and memorable way to a place where they can get a royal treatment and spend time as they wish, no other place can be better and full of wonders than Maldives. For those who often plan for packages overseas for memorable holidays, Maldives honeymoon packages from India are sure the right option for them. Exotic sun kissed islands, coral reefs, Blue water ebbing along white sand; astonishing marine eco-system, etc are some good reason that will persuade you to visit Maldives again and again. Maldives has been a paradise for honeymooners and love birds who want to celebrate their holidays in a memorable way and away from India in the most tranquil environment. 

Celebrate Your Honeymoon in Maldives by Keeping Some Important Points in Mind
However, the important point to note is that Maldives’ beaches are slightly different to the beaches of Western World. It is a nation where followers of Islam are in majority and there are different traditions and customs required to be respected. For a hassle-free holiday and to enjoy in the memorable way, it is important to keep in mind certain amount of modesty that needs to be observed. There are certain things that should be avoided doing during your honeymoon in Maldives.

Beaches are the main attraction during your holidays in Maldives and for honeymooners they are paradise for water sports, skiing, snorkeling and to spend time in serenity in the presence of cool breeze. Going topless for an even color without white strap lines is common for honeymooners and tourists. In Maldives, it is important to avoid taking off your top or tee shirt. In resorts, you are free to walk in Bikinis. Privately owned beaches also give you freedom of doing this.

Beer and wine are common among beach holiday lovers and they love to enjoy the best time by happing a bottle of beer or wine peg. In Maldives, it is difficult and almost impossible to find beer or wine. You cannot drink in public places. However, resorts serve alcohol in different forms that you can enjoy sitting here. Don’t carry your shoes while walking on beaches. However, for those who are obsessed, it is not prohibited. Don’t for to carry sun cream to avoid dark circles and spots. Following local customs and traditions is important. People are friendly in Maldives and respect tourists who come to visit the country and prefer to celebrate holidays in a memorable way.

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