Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Nailing Down the Ideal Destinations to See in Bali

There are thousands of extravagantly exotic places on this beautiful planet which often put you in a quandary while deciding an ideal place to visit. Well, without giving a second thought, choose Bali this time and see what a fantastic vacation you are going to spend. If you are agog for exploring new places, your prowess as a traveller will take a bigger shape after experiencing rhapsodic Bali.

Bali, province of Indonesia is an island popular for boasting blue beaches, clear azures, volcanic mountains, and heart-stealing natural destinations. Tranquility is what tourists come here for and experience connectivity with supernatural power through meditation. Yes, Bali is one of those places that offer best meditation and yoga experience. So, whether you are a couple of honeymooners, a group of friends or a family, Bali serves you with outstanding greeting. 

Nonetheless, while you plan a trip, particularly, abroad, the foremost aspect is to decide on your budget. Fixing a budget prior to leaving home results in a hassle-free, easy, and a tension-free vacation. Therefore, it is strictly recommended to book a package that includes everything you necessitate during journey. There are countless Bali packages from India available at reasonable prices, choose the best that fits in your budget and fly to this excellent place. Here is a list that is committed to help you know beautiful destinations in Bali.

Kuta Beach

Among the most popular beaches of Bali, Kuta is promised to offer you a ‘close to nature’ experience. Sitting by the beach in the morning and evening makes you so full of life owing to the cafe and pub around. 

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

Serenity is the identity of Pura Ulun Danu Bratan which is a temple located by the lake. Temple in itself is a peaceful place but the Bratan Lake makes it invaluable with an open area all around and reflection of sunrays on clear water.  


While serving as the best spot in Bali, Ubud at the same time bears the title of being highly powered with nature, culture, gardens, temples, parks, museums, and a happening market. Ubud offers you a true essence of being at a place far from your land. At Ubud, you can do your favourite activities like bike touring, water rafting and many other adventurous things. Moreover, you can rest here while having a relaxing massage or body spa, give yourself a treat through meditation or yoga, indulge into the culture via theatres, arts & museums, and beatify your family with fascinating shopping experience. Since Ubud is an ‘all in one’ destination, it is worth it to pay a visit here. 

Nusa Dua Beach

Private Beach offered at Nusa Dua Beach takes your breath away with the lavish experience it boasts. With high-end hotels, luxury services, and private gateway, it always brags about luxury along with calmness. So, if you are on the gravy train or ready to take little more out of your pocket, do not miss Nusa Dua Beach or choose a Bali honeymoon package from India that includes Nusa Dua in its itinerary. 

Coffee Plantation

Coffee lovers! Here is what you have been longing for. At coffee plantation at Bali Pulina Argo Tourism, you can enjoy and talk over one or more cups of coffee and see how your favorite thing is planted and grows. Well, the real taste of coffee will surely tickle your taste buds. Have a great time!

This is how Bali commits to treat you with incredibility through natural as well as artificially made destinations. Have a joyous trip!

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