Monday, 22 December 2014

Top 5 Delightful Destinations to Enjoy Honeymoon During the Festivity of This New Year

Thinking to celebrate your honeymoon during the festive season of this New Year? That’s excellent! You could get an experience of all the life long. Getting the time full of fun with your life partner will undoubtedly increase amazing memories in your remembrance. On the continent of Asia, many places provide great value for couples and at the same time fulminate in celebrations during the festive season of this New Year. They are full of fun and vibrancy, and are sure to leave the honeymooners fascinated at the time of this year. Both of you can get a gala time celebrating the festivity of the New Year after passing a quality time in the undisturbed room of a hotel. You can check out the list having the top 5 destinations in the continent of Asia making the excellent honeymoon choice during the festivity of the New Year.

Singapore: During the season of the coming of the new year, Singapore, which is an iconic city/state in the Southeast Asia, turns magical. All main tourist places of this destination provide a surrounding enriched with vigor and vibrancy, fireworks, live activities and the extravaganza of other cultures. The Orchard Road, which is the shopping hub of the continent of Asia, gets full with tourists and the people of the locality alike. In the same way, with the presence of something particular for everybody, the beauty at Marina Bay and Sentosa Island are tireless.

Manali: Enchanting charm of snowy mountains, healing calmness and interesting cuisines & cultures make Manali an appropriate destination of honeymoon. In spite of this place not being so much popular for the festivity of the New Year, you can explore a lot here as a honeymoon couple. For drawing the attention of more and more visitors, Night parties, many cultural programs and live performances occur at this destination. For both romantic escape and the funs of the New Year, a Manali Honeymoon Package with the comprising of easy shifting, cozy stay and enjoyable sightseeing makes your tour complete.

Goa: If you have the idea of the perfect getaway to enjoy the parties on the rocking beaches and the splendid scenery of the shoreline, Goa is the utmost option. In the company of exotic sea, the heart-throbbing festivity and the charming coral reefs, the celebration of New Year in Goa can be your experience of all the life long. And the fireworks, cruise ride and food increase your stay of romance more. If you are the one having an interest in culture and history, you shouldn’t miss to take tours to the forts and churches of Old Goa.

Mumbai: A group of seven tiny islands, Mumbai is blessed with an enchanting natural beauty. You can get the real pleasure of having world-class shopping, eternal entertainments and surprising cultures that the destination of Mumbai boasts all the year round. Mumbai becomes magical with each corner of the city, providing an exotic surrounding backed with live activities, extravaganza of the delightful culture and the vibrant night parties just before the coming of Christmas and the New Year Eve. Many hotels in Mumbai provide particular arrangements for the honeymooners, providing them all the needed facilities of sightseeing and many fascinating activities to enjoy.

Bangkok: You can find the whole city packed with travelers and most of the night clubs full with youths celebrating the marvelous festivities of the city. The calm Buddhist Temples, many entertainment parks and the beautiful markets in Bangkok enhance more attraction to one’s holidays in this destination. The city provides for couples a variety of things to do and see, such as a ride on a cruise in the historic Chao Phraya.     

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