Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A story about Sydney

Sydney, an amazing city in Australia, is the capital of New South Wales, the largest and the most developed Australian state. This is the first European settlement in Australia, and today the largest city in the country with about 4 million inhabitants. The city covers an area of approximately 1,500 square kilometers.

The city was founded on January 26, 1788, by the British Captain Arthur Phillip, as a British colony, where they deported prisoners from overcrowded British prisons. Before that, the area was inhabited by a few thousand of indigenous Aboriginal people.
Today in Sydney there are people of different cultures and from different parts of the world. United immigration in this city has created a modern multicultural and multiethnic city in Australia. The culture of indigenous people is still preserved and celebrated in institutions like The Aboriginal Heritage Museum

The city has a very large and modern harbor in the Tasmanian Sea, which is part of the Great (Pacific) ocean. International trade, service sector and light industry are highly developed.

Sydney is a tourist town. Tourism is the most important business activity in Sydney. A large number of tourists visit this city every year, and the Olympic Games, which were held here in 2000, created an amazing image for this city. The city has a large number of beaches that tourists love, one of the most famous being the Bondi Beach.

Sydney has a lot of symbols. The most important are the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most beautiful bridges in the world, and the Sydney Opera House is considered the modern world wonder. It hosts theater, opera, ballet and musical performances, which attract large numbers of tourists. Another significant and very famous site is the Sydney Tower, 305 meters high, on top of which one can see a movable sphere, in which elite restaurants are housed.

Sydney Opera House

Other tourist attractions include the City Museum, the Sydney Aquarium, Royal Botanic Gardens, parks and gardens of China, which were a gift of fraternal Chinese city of Guangdong.

Historical buildings that stand out are the town hall, several museums, two cathedrals and the State Theatre.

Suburban regions of Sydney are also worth mentioning, because they too are home to amazing architecture and luxurious hotels. In fact, many tourists opt for accommodation in Randwick, one of Sydney’s suburban regions. 

In this city there are several universities, where more than 100,000 students have studied. One of Australia's biggest libraries - Library of New South Wales, is also located here.

Being situated in the southern hemisphere, Sydney has the hottest days in January, and the coldest days are in July. However, the temperature differences are not large and the temperature in most of the year around 20 degrees Celsius. It almost never snows, and it rains evenly throughout the year, though nice, warm weather is dominant. This is another reason why a tourist will never leave Sydney disappointed, because those occasional rains can never ruin one’s holiday.

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