Friday, 7 November 2014

Explore the Seven Must Visit Places of Rajasthan

The desert land of Rajasthan, which is situated in the northwestern part of India, is a destination having the abundant suitability of enjoying romance. It is the state, having amazing palaces, wonderful castles, stimulating culture, where tourists every gender, age or nationality can get refreshed or feasted.

The demand of Rajasthan Tour Packages is increasing day by day. You should check out these renowned places, where you can depart for & get a leisurely stay & sightseeing:

Jaipur (also renowned as Pink City)

Jaipur is the state capital of Rajasthan. It is also called as ‘Pink City’ for having hundreds of pinkish buildings, forts & monuments scattered throughout the town. There are many high grade restaurants & luxurious hotels, entertaining the tourists coming here from all over the world. Shoppers also like to go to the posh malls in Jaipur during their Rajasthan Tour.


This city, which is an amazing venue for lakes & palaces, is the finest place for enjoying marriage & romance. This place for being very stylish, elegant & luxurious, most of movie stars from both India & western countries almost come here to tie the knot.


In the city of Jodhpur, which has countless palaces & monuments with the coat of regal ornamentation, tourists can get the royal feel & the look of the ancient world. People can get a deep insight into the local culture while moving into the local markets of this place, during their Rajasthan Tour.

Jaisalmer Fort

This fort is one of the most towering & surprising structures of the state. While standing on the upper part of this fort, people can get the glimpse of deserts. The spectators can have a breathtaking experience here.

Ranthambore National Park   

Ranthambore National Park, which has the magnetic attraction for every lover to wildlife, is the pride of the state of Rajasthan. From the Sambhar deer to the crocodiles, here, visitors can get the chance to see many particular species of birds & beasts. This national park has some historical treasures such as old temples & forts. Animal lovers shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see it, during their tour of the state of Rajasthan.

Sariska Tiger Reserve

This is another most visit national park, which is popular for the prowling tigers. There’re also many other attractive beasts such as the spotted deer & the Nilgai.
Sam Sand Dunes
The people, who want to take a view massive stretch of desert & are willing to be the directly spectators of the gigantic sand dunes, should plan a tour of the Desert National Park. The tourists, who come here with their grandchildren, also can get the chance of enjoying a camel ride on these sands, to enhance their experience about this tour.


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