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Amazing Attractions of Darjeeling for Lovebirds

Located in the Indian state of West Bengal on the border of Indo-Nepal, the attractive destination of Darjeeling is one of the renowned & attractive hill stations in the world. As this amazing hill station & town of Darjeeling has many glistening attractions scattered to & fro, so it is also lovingly renowned as the ‘Queen of the Hills’. The main good thing about this hill town is that it has a pleasant cool temperature. For honeymoon celebration, a number of newlywed couples come here throughout the year. The tourists coming here from the whole world take enjoyment of the main attractions such as Himalayan Toy Train, rock garden, the charming & very fresh tea gardens, Batashia Loop, lush green grasslands, etc.
Under Darjeeling Honeymoon Packages, the description of some of the must visit enchanting attractions for visitors & newlywed couples coming here from the whole world is following:
The Darjeeling Himalayan Train
The Darjeeling Toy Train, which is most charming & attractive, provides the tourists the amusement like a heavenly ride on earth. This attraction is one of the UNESCO Heritage Sites in the world, so it is renowned all over the world. The people riding on this attractive train get a joy, which can be memorable deep in their heart for their life long, & they forget every sorrow of their life as the train passes through the charming nature of the green woods of ferns & pines. Here, they can take the fine view of Tea gardens, etc. & can double their treatment in Darjeeling by this ride. So, everybody going to Darjeeling must have the experience of the paradise like a ride in the Himalayan Toy Train, which is the particular attraction of the Tourism of Darjeeling besides being a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in this hill town.
Tiger Hill
The famous ‘Tiger Hill’ is situated around at the height of 8, 500 feet & 11 km far from the hill town of Darjeeling. To take the fine picturesque view of the charming sun rising from this Tiger hill, the tourists come here, from the whole world. At dawn, the Tiger Hill looks like a paradise on earth just like the view of the charming summit of Kanchan Junga. The tourists can take another view from here on the day having the sky fully clear & sunny. Here the mountain looks as if trying to touch the clouds. The newlywed couples can enjoy on the lush green grasslands in this destination & also get the opportunity to visit the Senchel Lake (the lake also providing water for the whole town of Darjeeling) & Senchel Sanctuary, located nearby regions.
Tea Gardens
The Tea Gardens of Darjeeling are counted as very renowned attractions. Among the well maintained tea plants having the very fresh leaves, the newlywed couples can get the wonderful glimpse & they can walk along these gardens, holding the hands of each other. They also can get the costume of the tribal tea pickers, which is available by the tea gardens, & capture some amazing photographs around the tea gardens. Among 70 tea gardens approx, the ‘Happy Valley Tea State, which is located only 2 km far from the hill town of Darjeeling, is the most visited by the tourists from the whole world. This tea garden is very charming & the bungalow of the manager in this garden is also one of the finest attractions to take a view. As Darjeeling is famous as the finest tea manufacturer in the entire world, so the visitors can also get the information of the process of manufacturing the finest tea.
Besides the above mentioned attractions of Darjeeling, there’re many other main attractions such as Chowrasta, botanical garden, the mall, etc.
So, to celebrate the honeymoon with a newlywed life partner & explore the exotic beauty of the hill station of Darjeeling, tourists should book Darjeeling Honeymoon Packages with the travel company Holidayworms.

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