Monday, 7 July 2014

Malaysia & Singapore, destinations worth a lifetime

Home to intriguing destinations, and with its spectrum of fun-filled getaways, South East Asia is surely a destination a connoisseur just can’t say no to. The charming destinations, their distinctive heritage, and thriving highlights that can an offer experience like never before. Home to a great natural beauty, enticing islands, splendid sandy beaches, and a lot of charm, south-East Asia has it all under one roof. Moreover, its scrumptious cuisines offer a great gastronomical experience that their taste-buds won’t be able to forget. Inhabited by people from different faiths & religions, this part of the continent has a lot to offer to the visitors than they have anticipated.

Malaysia & Singapore are two such magnificent destinations which promise great morning, fun-filled evenings, and dazzling night out with the best splatter reserved for your dinner.  Moreover, the culture, traditions and famous attractions of these destinations will surely enthrall you the very first day. So, let’s check-out what each of these destinations has in store for you:

Malaysia: Truly Asia

Malaysia is a totally fun-filled experience and a great destination travelers can visit in south East Asia. It is a country where people from different races, ethnic origins, namely Malays, Chinese, Indians and other groups live in harmony. As a result, Malaysia offers a great & variegated cultural experience to travelers from various borders. Moreover, food lovers can also enjoy a splatter appreciated for its assimilation of flavors from various country land. So, visit Malaysia and relish a journey of a lifetime, peek into its heritage, take a tour down its ancient lane, head to some great attractions like Batu caves, the dazzling sky-touching Petronas Twin Towers, splendid beaches, lagunes, and enjoy many thrilling experiences waiting for you.

Singapore: The Modern Face of the Continent

If you are fed up with monotony and your soul is looking out for a life-changing experience, then Singapore is the best destination for you. Situated close to Malaysia and easily approachable, Singapore has a myriad of entertainment options, the best accommodation and a larger than life experience each day. The world famous Sentosa Island, the majestic Singapore flyer, botanical gardens, Singapore zoo, Jurong bird park, universal studio, underwater water world, to others, Singapore has a lot more than fun-filled options to add up a zing to your sightseeing tour. So, getaway to this wonderfully amazing landscape and relish whole new experience what you have missed so far. Little India, an Indian facet of Singapore is another surprising highlight located in the famous Chinatown.

With Singapore Malaysia Honeymoon Package, you can visit these two wonderful destinations, each of which will be a total pleasure for you.

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