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Famous Escapades for adventure seekers in Manali

Though Manali is called the land of God, yet it is the most occurring place for adventurous activities. Besides its serene beauty, Manali is enriched with beautiful sites best for thrilling & exciting sports. Across the large mountains or on the noiseless banks, down the rapid Beas River, Manali has a lot in store to garner the interests of adventure seekers.

Adventurous Activities in Manali

There are many sightseeing attractions in Manali, as well as two villages located at great altitudes where adventure lovers can enjoy great adventurous activities such as mountaineering, river rafting, heli-skiing, tobogganing, rock climbing, trekking, jeep safari, hiking, fishing, camping, biking, cycling, paragliding, etc. All these activities are offered by experienced professionals under proper safety measures.

Trekking is the most adventurous sport. A sportsman treading on the treks of the mountains, rivers & searching with maximum difficulty & ceaselessly feeling excited & rejuvenated can feel it. There may be a lot of pain & suffering but the strong desire to reach to the summit generates the feeling of nearness to nature, contentment & unlimited happiness which is sublime.  Adventurers can get the eternal experience of trekking in the Kullu Valley of Manali.

Trekking in manali

River Rafting is the sport which has most excitement & irresistibility. Feeling the splashing waves of the river all over oneself while rowing the raft is an unbeatable experience. To rejuvenate the challenging task of rafting, they get boosted at the clamor of the ripples & the movement of water. There’re many rafting places as in and around Manali like Rapid Beas River, Rason, Mohal & Katrain, etc.

River Rafting in manali

Skiing is performed very much at the Valley of Solang Nallah. The valley is blessed with great beauty, and magnificent slopes covered with white snow. They attain very much stimulation & zeal at skiing with no hindrance on the snow-covered beautiful mountains. Tourists continue animating while running on the snow & leaving behind the pursued bright way, in the snow-covered mountains.

Skiing in manali

Paragliding, organized in the Solang Valley, draws attention of many tourists visiting Manali. Paragliding is the best style to watch the charm of the nature from the summit and soaring high in the sky. It’s an amusing & stimulated sport. Gliding in the air & watching the Mother Nature entertainment the soul & provides stimulation. Tourists can get small or high flights according to their choice. Nobody can ever lose sight of this unlimited experience.

Paragliding in manali1

Mountaineering or ascending the mountains isn’t a child’s play. But the people having great courage & zeal can make their way through the mountains with great pleasure. Indian Himalayas open gateways to mountaineers from all over the world who’re fond of performing this daring adventure activity. Ascending the high passes with hardness; yet with firm decision is the means of inspiration for all those who are keen to do this.

Mountaineering in manali

Fishing is for those who love stillness & serenity. Tourists can get relaxation & warmth of nature in the pacific atmosphere & green valley of Manali. Taking pleasure in the superb atmosphere somebody can feel himself out of the world while just sitting on the brink of the river & having his snacks.

Fishing in manali

Ballooning is a great adventurous activity which offers the most breathtaking views of the entire valley from a great height.

Ballooning in manali

Sledging is the type of sport which is gaining pace but it takes place only when the snow is virtually tight.

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