Tuesday, 22 April 2014

What Special Tours in India brings to your table?

India is the land with great history, traditional charm, centuries old customs and rituals. The land boasts great history and a brilliant present that weaves the most golden future for it. Owing to its unending charm, India today stands as one of the most famous destination for travelers’ in Asia that brings something different to their table with every visit. Special Interest tours India is gaining popularity among tourists from the national as well as international spheres. These tours introduce travelers to the most intriguing features of the landscape that are simply a delightful experience.

Culinary Tour

Get ready for a gastronomical experience with culinary tour in India. The tour offers a lifetime experience to travelers where they can taste the best of authentic Indian cuisines and specialties from various kitchens of India and can also try their hands at shopping the aromatic herbs & long lasting spices from the Indian markets. It is a lifetime getaway especially food lovers, where they can learn some great recipes from experienced chefs and cooks while on the go.

Religious Tour 

Religious Tour in India offers a sacred journey to some of the profoundly honored & pious destinations of India. During your tour you can also visit the famous shrines, mosques, temples and ghats of India, each of which represent great spirituality and religious aura. Some of the temples found here are centuries old and have numerous mythological stories that explains their existence. Also, you can get to know the Indian customs and rituals that are a part of the Indian culture.

Wildlife Tour

Wildlife tour is an icing on cake for tourists in India. If you are booking up with India wildlife special interest tours, then get ready to explore some famous wildlife hubs of India that houses great bio-diversity comprising some rare and even endangered species of flora and fauna. Tourists can visit famous national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, tiger reserves, and Bird sanctuaries and relish their encounter with the wildlife of India. Moreover, there is also great scope for jeep safaris, elephant rides, wildlife trekking, and tiger safari.

Photography Tour

A delight for the camera lovers, photography tour is one of the best ways to catch each beautiful vista of the magical & becharming Indian landscape from your lens. These types of tours introduce tourists to various facets of the unique land. From adventure, wildlife, traditional villages, beautiful beaches to mountainous landscape, Photography tours offers a perfect taste from the best of everything India has to offer.

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