Friday, 11 April 2014

What not to miss out in Thailand?

The stunning & splendid beaches of Thailand have always turned heads with their crystal clear azure water and great thrilling water sport activities. Besides its famous shopping places and markets, Thailand has a lot more which is mostly less discussed. Let’s check out some such spots, where you can experience a totally exotic facet of Thailand Tourism.

Robot Building

The Robot Building at Sathorn business district, serves the Bangkok headquarters of the United Overseas Bank. The skyscraper made in the shape of a robot is the most enticing sight for travelers in Bangkok. Designed by the Thai architect, Sumet Jumsai, the building is a great exemplar of modern architecture in Bangkok that was opened for public in 1986.

Forensic Museum

The Bangkok Forensic Museum is located inside the Siriraj Hospital. It is an extremely unusual experience for travelers and a creepy attraction. The museum houses pickled body parts, ingenious murder weapons and other crime-scene evidence meant to educate the visitors. The museum also houses the mummified remains of the first Thai serial killer, Si Ouey Sae Urng.

Giant Dragon Tower:

The Wat Sanpran Dragon Temple is a 16-storey red tower with a man-made dragon wrapped around it’s entire cylindrical structure. The temple comprises smaller temples & numerous statues inspired by the Chinese zodiac and dragons. The dragon Tower is a famous attraction in Bangkok and a must for travelers.

Elephant Building

The Elephant Building also known as Chang Building is a colossal building in Bangkok, Thailand. It is one of the most famous buildings in Bangkok with characteristics of an elephant. The famous building comprises 3 towers, luxurious residential suites, swimming pool, gardens, shopping plaza, bank, post office and parking garage.

Sathorn Unique

The Sathorn Unique building is a great masterpiece and famous attraction that attracts travelers in Thailand. The 50 storey building that touches the sky is a breathtaking sight from the base. Owing to its giant structure, the building is known as 'ghost skyscraper'.

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