Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Vietnam Luxury hotels in Tam Dao

Tam Dao, a cooler-clime retreat you can simply get to from Hanoi, and is so crowded of hotels that it can be difficult to know where to start. Although Tam Dao prices are on a par with, if not pricier than, Hanoi hotels, there are more number of cheap basic options around. Do be ready to go door to door on arrival, so you can check-out rooms first.

Book your luxury hotels in Vietnam at affordable prices. The Hotel details in Tam Dao are as follows,

Han Vet Hotel
If you wish to step-up then try Han Vet Hotel. Rooms are newly decorated and clean, with those at the front having valley views from their small balcony. Furnishings are sparse but sufficient and rooms come with air-con and a moveable fan, neither of which though you’re likely to require for the majority of the year. Bathrooms are spacious with large shower cubicles. Overall it’s not anything fancy, but nothing to complain regarding either, and the manager on duty on our last visit was all smiles.

Gia Le Hotel
Gia Le Hotel is a new accumulation to the town’s offerings. Rooms are spacious and present with simple furnishings and a lone painting on the white walls. Beds are large and relaxed, with thick duvets which you’ll require in winter. Amenities include flat screen TVs and tea- and coffee-making facilities – well, a kettle and cups – but no air-con or fans, as still in summer it gets cool at night.

Mela Hotel 
The Mela Hotel was just the once the hotel in Tam Dao, but time has not been type to this once fine place. Room design is dated, with a lot of wood paneling, stone cladding and false leather, and bathrooms are the wet room mixture. Communal areas fare no enhanced look out for the lime green sofa in reception. I have also heard information that the food’s not up to much either.

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