Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas a fabulous celebration of Humanity

It is said that there was a women called Mary who were lived in Nazareth. She was engaged with a carpenter called “Joseph”. One day an angle appeared before her and told her that she has been chosen to have a special baby. The child would be God’s son and she have to call him by name” Jesus”. The day this baby was born, is famous as Christmas.

Actually, there are lots of places to celebrate Christmas in India but Goa is best. Christmas is celebrated on 25th December in all over the world and thousands head to Goa every year for this century old maritime tradition. Palm fringed beaches, colorful markets, delicious foods and impressive cultures will become a part of your Christmas celebration. People come to enjoy their every bit of life through celebrating the fashionable festivals and Christmas is one of the huge festivals of here. Christmas can celebrate almost anywhere on shore.

Christmas is mid-winter fiesta observed annual on December 25th remembering the birth of God Jesus Christ.  Christmas festivity engages different traditions and conventions when many say gratitude and cheerfulness. A lot of people rejoice the time with gift-giving, tree beautifying and the coming of Santa Claus. 

Be it about beautifying your Christmas tree or hanging Christmas hoardings; be it about buying for Christmas decorations, lighting materials or showpieces or be it about shopping Christmas dolls for your child; be it thinking a Christmas holiday with loved ones or be it getting economic help for the cheerful time all will excite you from the bottom your heart, so enjoy this season with great joy. Happy Christmas Day to all!


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