Sunday, 11 November 2012

Diwali - A festival of prosperity and good health

It is said that India is a country of festival and if there is one country in the planet that knows how to rejoice a fiesta then undoubtedly it would be “India”. From metropolitans to small rural villages of India, all come together to enjoy their traditions and topography.

A showstopper on the Indian festival event is “Diwali” a joyous celebration that is celebrated the triumph of good over evil. The festival experiences a number of lamps and lights on this day which makes it festival of lights.

It happens just after five days on auspicious dates at the time of the end of Ashvin or start of Kartika. Diwali is a Hindu festival and celebrated for the triumph of Lord Rama over Ravana who returned the Kingdom after a time of banish. Happy to see Lord Rama’s homecoming his admirers illuminated the way with the twinkling diyas. From this reason the illuminating of diyas became a key element of the Diwali festival.

It is also represented by the substitute of darkness with inner light. People seek blessings from two important deities: Lakshmi, the wealth Goddess and Ganesha, the God of Good fortune. Devotees worships for wealth and good health for the year that lies in front, with fireworks and crackers. 

Even the festival is also a name of passionate preparation to welcome Diwali. Houses and shops are given an attractive look before being decorated with fairy lights, colorful lanterns and colorful rangolies and etc. The street shops are decorated with fancy cloths and cheerful household ornaments, gifts, sweets, dried fruits and nuts.

The most famous gift, by long shot is Mithai. Shops are filled with spectacular array of Mithai specially prepared for this festival from pure milk. Barfi, Gulab Jamuns, Rasgullas and etc are the identities of the Indian festival. Indeed, if you ever get chance to stay in India during this exciting festival then don’t miss it and just go with the flow.

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