Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Capture Palm-Fringed Sand Dunes Facing the Glitzy Stars in Accra

Accra is situated on the southern coast and down the years it has creped up over a current landscape, producing a gobbling up real estate and frenzied low-rise skyline. What was once a dispersion of villages has transformed into a rambling city.

Leafy suburbia with sheltered towns, gourmet restaurants along with highlife hip-life and shop bars - all these coalesce to make Accra the exhilarating and multi-faceted capital of Ghana. With low-cost airline tickets you can find yourself quite favored if your resort sprouts swish oceanic views of the Atlantic.

Getting There & Away from the Actuality in Accra with international flights

After you board Book cheap flights to Accra with Crystal Travel to Kotoka International Airport in Accra, Ghana (ACC), you can catch plethora of classified buses and tro-tros (shared taxis that pursue a specific route and leave when they are full). Opting for buses is quite economical as they are quite frequent.

Air – The Kotoka International Airport is served by the number of small private regional carriers and major cheap airlines.  

Book cheap and visit Wild & Widest Attractions in Accra

Accra has a kismet of high-flying places of interest, and you may acquire more than two days to capture the whole city in your senses. On the contrary, a sensible alternative would be to launch out with the ever burning Perpetual Flame, then visit the National Museum and also the adjacent crafts market that is for eternity colorful and crammed with wonderful people. Grab direct flights to Accra if you are looking for cheap flights.

You excursion should be followed up with a tour to the thriving Tropical Gardens, the Art Centre and Liberation Square. Hire a chauffeur and pay GHS 20,000 to enter the renowned Labadi Beach to mingle into the on-shore entertainment before darkness falls. Taking cheap flights to Accra, Ghana (ACC) helps you save your pocket allowing you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

Experience the Madness of Shopping in Accra with great deals

Commonly speaking, there are three chief shopping sites in Accra. These markets are recognized as the Arts Center Market, Osu and Makola Market. If you are looking for modish brands and sumptuous items, then Osu is the apparel den for you when you land with low cost airfares to Accra.

The Makola Market out there is the people's market which is massively admired by people. You will surely love discovering everything that you need with very cheap flights to Accra (ACC); counting the famous textiles that are quite well-known. The flea market adjacent to the national museum is quite flourishing in craft-based goods and arts.

Do try out this variety store for a mixture of aboriginal prints and paintings. The marketplace houses shops that hold enormous range of stilted items, genuine leather and metal. Other memorable sights to venture into a great shopping are Hakim's at the Osu market, Wild Gecko by Tetteh Quarshie exchange, Suntrade at Asylum Down and the Herschell Gallery.

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