Friday, 14 September 2012

Return to an epoch of erstwhile era through Indian luxury train

Just imagine an ambience of lavish approach and glamour. An epoch immersed with the pioneering spirit of both the brave and the beautiful.

Luxury train tour India comprises a fashionable assortment of India tour experience aboard the most thrilling and heroic and the beauty.

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels
The royal Rajasthan on Wheels take you in the world of love, glamour and adventure. Journey around Rajasthan on board this truly romantic and luxury train will transport you in another world where every shades of India are well presented. For more than years, travel on the Royal Rajasthan on Wheels has symbolized Indian grace and continental elegant. Still the experience is as new, as paranormal and fluently graceful as ever. This legendry train which has drawn the attention of novelist, film stars and writers, clothing it way through regal panorama to destinations such as Rajasthan, Delhi, Agra and other.  

Palace on Wheel  
The Palace on Wheel offers a very stylish and soothing way to move to some of the continent’s most tempting destinations. The glamour of this best luxury train in India lies in the experience, journey, adventure, style, comfort and service on board. Step into to rejoice the era of Rajputana and embark on a journey to experience the culture and architectural heritage which is an icon of world history. 

The list of Indian luxury train goes on and on and all has unique quality to mesmerize you. One of the immense happiness of rail travel is the way a train takes you to the very heart of a place and the joy of travel increased when you feel the lavish comfort with great service. The services on the board meet the level of international standards and make you feel like special and important. Embark on a journey by boarding on these luxury trains and enjoy the ride of royal train tour.

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