Monday, 20 August 2012

Top Hill Stations in India

Hill stations in India are the real magical Charm that will blow away your mind. Tourists from India and from all over the world come to India to enjoy the various places of the Hill stations in India. Taking the tours to the hills of India is the enthralling vacation that any individual can take up.  The real fun in the Hill stations of India is that they possess the finest of the qualities. These qualities include a blend of romantic destinations, adventurous hot spots, religious sacred holy places and all the varieties that you would love to take an account of.

There are a lot of hill stations to take up during your India tours but the following hill stations are considered to be the best tourist spots during your India Travel and you can witness the finest of the places on this terra firma that you have never ever got to witness. The best of the hill stations of India (A few of them) are listed as underneath:-

1.       Shimla
Ø  Shimla is the land which was considered to be the best summer capital during the times of the British peoples rule in India. This place is situated in the beautiful land of the himachal Pradesh which is considered or labeled as the land of Apples or the orchid of apples. Shimla is one of the best hill stations of India which also possesses the qualities of the best of the things to shop here along with the stunning architectural designs of the monuments here, be it the architecture or any dome shaped design, you can also easily buy the best of the wooden crafts here at the not so expensive prices and lastly you must not miss on to the apples of the famous Shimla. The red bites of the red apples are very famous here.....
2.       Srinagar
Ø  The lovely land of Srinagar is located in the lap of Jammu and Kashmir. The summer place of fun with the land of this place of Srinagar in the valley of Kashmir will make you have the best times of your life. The land of Srinagar is actually labeled as the best place which is known as the “Paradise on Earth. The best things here are the heart throbbing Hose boats which the tourists always row when in the land of Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir Valley. 

3.       Ranikhet
Ø  The northern part of Uttaranchal is endowed with the most beautiful hill station of Ranikhet. As the name suggests, Ranikhet actually means the “Queen’s Field”. The name was given in the olden times when it was believed that the queen who was here at this province. It was believed that the queen used to spend a lot of spare time of hers in the land of Ranikhet and that is why this place is called to be Ranikhet in today’s time. The most important and significant aspect of this place is that it is considered to be the striking place of temples that have been fabricated during the ancient times.

So do not wait and take the best of your tour spot holidays in the land of India. For the best of your vacations all you must do is pick and select the best of your Hill Station Tour in India. 

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