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The Ultimate Guide about Ladakh Marathon 2019


Get prepared to test the restriction of human persistence in you. Push your self to new limits on the 8th edition of Ladakh Marathon 2019. This newsletter will let you know the whole lot about the Ladakh Marathon 2019. So, spare your 5 mins to study my article and equipment up yourself for the most interesting Marathon in India. Maintain reading!

You have seen the mystic splendour of Ladakh vicinity, you have got covered the offbeat trails of Ladakh, now, it’s time to gas your adrenaline soul with the highest and the toughest marathon task. The Ladakh Marathon 2019 is on its way and we all can’t preserve calm.

Ladakh Marathon 2019 will top your senses and unharness the runner in you. As you'll cover the influential mountain ranges to the pristine valleys of Ladakh, this is in reality certainly one of India’s finest and most particular marathon. Given the style of offbeat and famous places to visit in Ladakh vicinity, there’s something for absolutely everyone in Ladakh Marathon 2019.

Listed as being amongst the sector’s most beautiful, breathtaking and awe-inspiring marathons, the daring venture tests the bounds of human endurance. Out of the 4 races, the Khardung La Challenge (5370m) is the world’s maximum ultra Marathon. Now imagine the trill? Got that feel? Good!

Key Interests to Understand About Ladakh Marathon 2019

Ladakh Marathon 2019 isn't like each other marathon that you had run in advance inside the past. To sign in your human staying power, you need to go to Ladakh and check in your self to kick the world's maximum lovely marathon earlier than 1 week previous.

Choose Your Distance

There can be 4 races you need to cowl, the maximum hard Khardung La venture (5370m), the arena’s highest ultramarathon is an revel in that you’ll cherish even after your youngsters will go to Ladakh. Yes, you study that proper! If you’re a real traveller, you'll enjoy this revel in and equipment up your gangs of the wanderer to persuade them that Ladakh Marathon 2019 course is worthwhile.

     1st is for starters, the most extremely good quirks of the Ladakh Marathon 2019 is the 07km race, in an effort to begin from N.D Memorial Stadium masking Leh-Manali motorway. The race calls out students above 12 years and elders to participate in. Fancy your self a real runner as each player will get a medal of participation in Ladakh Marathon 2019. The supporter of Ladakh Marathon 2019 - Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC), have amended right association in your hydration. There can be 2 hydration points in your running path.
     Half Marathon distances, barely longer than the short 07 km marathon for starters. This marathon covers the distance of 21.1 km inviting human beings of above 16 years age and N.D.S Memorial Stadium is the starting and finishing factor of this marathon. What you will get is Ladakh’s hospitality with the aid of the bucket-load, a race that takes some of the fantastic perspectives and undulating panorama of the Ladakh outskirts location – and run the most iconic stretch of street in Ladakh that most other humans visit splendid lengths to go to simply to power the duration in a car. Here additionally, there are 8 hydration points wherein you’ll accept energy drinks and bananas.

     The Ladakh Full Marathon is a little more uniform. competitors for this marathon will run 42.1 km. This full marathon covers the shimmering monasteries of Leh. Experience inspiration by means of the locals cheering you. The marathon calls out the age restrict 18 years or above. Spectators will offer masses of "inspiration" in the course of the race to keep your spirits excessive and help you go the end line. Here also, there are 14 hydration points wherein you’ll receive power liquids and snacks. So, now lace up your shoes!

     For the ones looking for a step up or a new twist on the Ladakh Marathon 2019, I encourage you to just accept the Khardung La Challenge. The 42.1km occasion gives an undertaking for the ones who've finished an orthodox half of Marathon. Put your jogging shoes on and run on one of the highest motorable roads. Beginning in Khardung La Village, the marathon covers the scenic panorama perspectives. Run via the paradise and register yourself as there are handiest 150 runners allowed to participate in. Age restriction could be very strict, i.e; 20 years or above.

Don't Miss

The G02Ladakh website gives a wealth of information that will help you prepare for the race as nicely the insider know-how on marathon registration with a view to starting from March 2019.

Right here the marathon organisers proportion the dates of Ladakh Marathon 2019.

     7 km Run Ladakh for amusing: eighth September 2019, Sunday
     half Marathon: eighth September 2019, Sunday
     Marathon: 8th September 2019, Sunday
     Khardung la mission: 6th September 2019, Friday

So, test your legs in Ladakh Marathon Tours and see Ladakh with not anything, however, your going for walks shoes and jogging signs and symptoms to expose you the way. We’ll see ya there!

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Smart Entrepreneur? Why an Antiguan Passport Should Be Your Next Investment

For many people, Antigua and Barbuda are considered the perfect vacation spot, and that indeed is true. When you combine a year-round agreeable climate, laid-back locals, a robust economic profile, and fantastic fresh food, you know that you are going to have a holiday that you will never forget.

But for others, Antigua and Barbuda are becoming more than just somewhere to spend a week in every now and again; it is becoming a significantly desirable place to obtain a second citizenship. Because when you combine the above benefits with the business and finance benefits, you find that there is nowhere better for a businessperson to create a second home.

If you are a smart entrepreneur, here are three reasons why an Antiguan passport should be your next investment.

1. An Antiguan passport can be your second passport.

Before getting into the benefits that having an Antiguan passport can bring you (and there are many significant ones), it is first important to establish the fact that you don't need to give up your current nationality in order to qualify for an Antiguan passport.

Unlike a vast majority of other countries, Antigua and Barbuda allow dual citizenship, thus ensuring that you can remain a legal resident of your current country of residence while also becoming a citizen of (and holding a passport from) Antigua and Barbuda.

This is important because it doesn't force you to leave your home country behind and you will still enjoy the freedom to return to and live in your current country of residence whenever you desire. In fact, Antigua and Barbuda have minimal residency requirements; you only need five days of residency in the first five years. And your property will be eligible for resale after those five years of ownership.

So, by obtaining an
Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment, you will be awarded dual and lifetime citizenship for you and eligible family members.

2. An Antiguan passport can help you expand your business.

As a forward-thinking entrepreneur, you are always on the lookout for ways to expand your business and to be ahead of the curve. Obtaining a second citizenship is becoming a more popular option for those who are thinking out-of-the-box for their long-term strategy.

However, when searching for the perfect place to get a new citizenship, you need to contemplate the business benefits that a particular locale will offer.

If you opt for second citizenship from Antigua and Barbuda, then you will be joining one of the most prosperous nations in the Caribbean and a member of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU).

Additionally, Antigua and Barbuda have no capital gain or estate taxes, and any income produced outside the country is not taxed. For entrepreneurs, this is a fantastic way to safeguard your wealth and assets.

Furthermore, by becoming a citizen of a Caribbean country, you will have additional opportunities to diversify your business dealings around the globe, with the potential to grow your company into a worldwide brand.

3. An Antiguan passport has a low barrier to entry.

 There are three different ways to procure an Antigua passport:

        High-net-worth individuals can contribute a minimum of US$100,000 to The National Development Fund (NDF).
        Those looking to expand their real estate portfolio can invest a minimum of US$400,000 in government-approved Caribbean investment properties.
        Those who want to invest in businesses can invest US$1,500,000 in a government-approved business investment.

So, if you have been dreaming about living, working, and playing in the beautiful Carribean, these are the three options for high-net-worth individuals and wise entrepreneurs that can make that dream a reality.

As there are stringent rules and criteria that you must meet, it is highly recommended that you opt to work with highly qualified legal and accounting professionals who can guarantee that your application is thoroughly and appropriately created.

Knowing that you have the professionals working with you will help keep stress to a minimum and will have you enjoying your new-found citizenship in no time. 

Have you ever considered getting a second citizenship? What do you see are the advantages and disadvantages for your business and your future goals? Let us know your thoughts regarding this topic in the comments below!

Kal Kennard is a Partner at Citizens International, a white-glove specialist firm offering private client services necessary for citizenship investment into the Caribbean. Based in the Caribbean for the past 15 years, she is an experienced consultant who works directly with many professional partners and advises clients worldwide.

Bask into the Romance as We Give You 5 Romantic Destinations near Chennai

Open your wings of romance as the Big Valentine’s Day is fast approaching near.  There are plenty of romantic places to visit in India, I also wrote about those romantic places in India in my previous blog posts. But today, I’m updating you with a South Indian state - Chennai.

Formerly known as Madras and now officially - Chennai, this South Indian state is laced with many beaches, urban setups, and cityscape. But a very few of you know that there are plenty of other romantic destinations near Chennai exist where you can make the most of your romantic moments with your special someone.

To reveal those ultra-romantic places near Chennai, take inspiration from my list of 5 romantic destinations near Chennai where romancing is easy without being spending your heavy cash. Thank me later.

1.     Pondicherry

Rolling sand beaches barefoot walks, seashells, adrenaline pumping water sports activities. These are the adjectives to describe the surreal beauty that Pondicherry holds under its belt. Roughly 150 km far from Chennai, lies Pondicherry. Here you’ll be awarded by the old world charm of French colonies, pristine lakes, heaps of fun are also guaranteed while you’ll indulge into the nightlife of Pondicherry.

2. Kodaikanal

Awarded the best place for exquisite vegetation, vibrant flowers, lush mountains smoked up with the mist of clouds, Kodaikanal is located roughly around 530 km from Chennai. You can visit Dolphin Nose point with your sweetheart and admire the beauty of the surrounding mountains covered with lush green vegetation. Fall in love with yourself and nature and walk having hands in hands with your sweetheart at Coaker’s Walk. The place offers awesome views of the plains from above the height of 2000 m.

3. Coorg

Takes a break from your monotonous life and head to Coorg. Located roughly 570 km from Chennai, locals called Coorg ‘The Scotland Of India’. From the famous tea plantations to the pristine waterfalls and thrilling wildlife, your Coorg holidays would help you to relish the bounties of nature and also give you the opportunity to take up some nerve-wracking romance with your soulmate. So, make your bookings to Coorg with our vivid Honeymoon packages from Chennai.

4. Munnar

Do I need to say something in favor of Munnar? Or you got that feeling of emerald, rolling tea garden hills and surreal beauty? Voted as the maximum romantic destination by Lonely Planet Travel Magazine in 2017,  the town of Munnar is located around 590 km from Chennai. The place offers a nice overview of Kerala rich nature. Peaceful and charming place hides many hilly resorts and romantic cafes where you and your better half can have a romantic dinner.

5. Wayanad

How about impressing your romantic partner amidst the dense mountain region that stretches along the Western Ghats? Located roughly 620 km far from Chennai, there lies a town name Wayanad where you can enjoy Here you can enjoy climbing to Edakkal Caves, trekking to Chembara Peak and Meenmutty Falls and you also can explore the ancient Jain temples if you want your romantic prayers to get answered.

So, guys, why don’t you leave everything and make the most of your love in any of these 5 Romantic Destinations Near Chennai? In case you are wondering what all those places are a few kilometers away from Chennai and it will cost you more, then fret not! Honeymoon Bug honeymoon packages from Chennai comes with super affordable offers that won’t make a big hole in your pocket. So, let us know when you’re embarking to make out love in South India. We would be happy to curate the good trip for you.

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Plan a Staycation at One of the 5 Best Hotels in Ladakh


Luxurious, Lavish, Soothing, Comfortable… there’s an endless list of adjectives you can use for describing best hotels in Ladakh. From affordable living to extravagant living, to get your senses primed with the surreal beauty of Ladakh.

No doubt, that the tourism in Ladakh has been boosted in past few years. Thanks to its places of attraction that lures thousands of visitors every season. Well, travelling to Ladakh is super cool and our checklist of best hotels in Ladakh adds more charm and push to persuade you to visit Ladakh. Take a look at them. They are super affordable and guess what?

If you’ll book your Leh Ladakh Tour Packages with Go2Ladakh, you’ll get tempting offers on your stay as well. How amazing is this? Read on, to know more!

Here is the list of 5 whacky and eye-popping best hotels in Ladakh to stay if you want to veer away from monotonous life.

 1.      Himalayan Homestays
If you are an avid traveller or an enthusiast trekker who loves to explore the remote areas of Ladakh, then hit upon Himalayan Homestays - the network of rural homestays across the majestic mountains is one of the best hotels in Ladakh for all the good reasons. From Ladakh style floor seating to lip-smacking Ladakh food to bio-toilets, you stay here would be satisfying.

2. The Grand Dragon Ladakh
Want to be pampered by the traditional Ladakh hospitality on your Leh Ladakh Tour Package? Then you need to head to The Grand Dragon Ladakh. Situated in the heart of the city, the hotel fits perfectly into it’s name - The Grand.  Here you’ll be provided with two kinds of accommodation options right from the deluxe to premier rooms. Check it out because The Grand Dragon is one of the best hotels in Ladakh for healthy stay amidst the mountains. Go, check out because you’ll be astonished by the interior as well a exterior beauty of this hotel that is filled with Ladakh elements.

3. Nimmu House
Want to experience the blend of Ladakh on your Ladakh trip? Check out the Nimmu House for an experience blending Ladakh architecture as well as culture. This extravagant hotel is located roughly half-hour from the city of Leh. It has round 4 rooms and 5 tents so that you can determine whether you need to camp or stay in a room. Isn't this amazing? The place also has an eating place, a spa and Buddhist temples! The meals are conventional Ladakhi, and they provide diverse programs that assist you to study more about the way of life of Ladakh! What else do you want extra on your accommodations in Ladakh? 

4. Stok Palace Heritage Hotel
Palace+Heritage+Hotel, these 3 phrases are enough to sum up this extravagant hotel. The hotel was built in 1820 and was once, the home of Namgyal Dynasty and was opened for public stays in 1980 by the Dalai Lamba. From the lifesyle of the former King and Queen of former Ladakh Kingdom to the well preserved history, everything about those hotel will rejuvenate your mind when you’ll make your stay here.

5. Saboo Resorts
Awarded to capture the essence of Ladakh culture, Saboo hotel is nestled in the old fashioned Saboo Village, the Saboo resorts is a high priced lodging located around 7 Kms from Leh town. It has 15 cottages with queen-sized beds, and the essential facilities to make your existence a pleasant one. Make the most of the picturesque perspectives of the lofty mountains and the highly-priced greenery!

Thanks to these one of the best Hotels In Ladakh. If your idea is to bask in the luxurious accoomodations in Ladakh, then inject any of these hotels in your Leh Ladakh tour package. Wondering that your stay at these extravgant hotels will make a hole in your pocket? Actually, not! With Go2Ladakh affordable Leh Ladakh tour package, you can take some inspiration, and heeps of discounts are guaranteed!

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Golden Triangle Tour- One of the Most Desired Tour Package

Are you yearning for a long awaited vacation and at the same confronting dearth of time and money? If the answer resounds yes, plan a Golden Triangle tour. Encompassing the three most popular destinations of India, it is truly a fascination tour of Northern India. Covering Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur; you can explore the rich culture of the country.

Have you ever thought why Golden Triangle tour is the most admired and preferred of all the tours? Here is the answer to your query. Besides being a beautiful combination, it is easily connected to each other situated at a distance of not more than 250 kms from each other. When on a tour to this trio, you will get in touch with social, cultural, historical, religious, and architectural aspect of India.

If you are a travel junkie and want to explore the trio in the utmost manner, get your Golden Triangle tour booked from Holiday Worms. We customize your itinerary enlisting every beautiful sight of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. Our awe-inspiring packages will offer you the of your best experience lifetime. Have a deep look at the three most charming destinations covered by Golden Triangle Tour.


Delhi, the capital city of India is a blend of style, sophistication, diverse culture, and glorious history. A bustling cosmopolitan city, it attracts scores of tourists each year. With many interesting places to visit, it has large tourism industry. Some of its landmarks incorporates-

·       The capital city is a home to Red Fort, a magnificent fort that exhibits architectural splendor of Mughals.

·       The tallest tower of India, Qutub Minar is said to reside in Delhi. This 73-meter-tall tower was established to commemorate the coming of Mughals in India.

·       To cherish a relaxing time amidst the beautiful gardens, you can pay visit to India Gate. It looks enthralling during night.

·       For more enriched experienced, don’t miss to visit Jama Masjid, Akshardham Temple, Lotus Temple, and many more beautiful creations of past and present. Street food and some renowned restaurants cuisine is worth tasting.


Agra, a city in Uttar Pradesh is widely visited by tourists from all over the world. The city is known as a symbol of love for hosting the iconic monument, Taj Mahal. Here is a list of some of its splendid attractions that you must not miss to see.
·       Taj Mahal, the seventh wonder of world depicts the true saga of love. Built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved Mumtaz Mahal, it is a feast to the eyes and stands the test of time

·       Agra Fort, a symbol of Mughal Grandeur is also must to visit in Agra.

·       Other masterpieces constitute Moti Masjid, Diwan-e-Aam, Diwan-e-Khas, Fatehpur Sikri, Shish Mahal Buland Darwaza.


Known for rich culture and heritage, the capital city of Rajasthan houses endless beautiful palaces, forts, and monuments. When in the city, you can cherish a vast expanse of sights. Have a look

·       The pink city of Rajasthan is a home to City Palace which gives you a beautiful glimpse of architecture and the view of city of Jaipur.

·       Nahargarh Fort, a majestic fort is one of the significant forts of the city is a popular picnic spot and gives a splendid view of the entire city.

·       Other popular destinations include Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort Palace, Jantar Mantar, etc. The city’s music, dance, and celebrations will surely enthral you.

For an everlasting and memorable Golden tour, trust Holidayworms. Our professionals will create a flawless itinerary offering you optimum satisfaction. We make sure to execute your travel plans in an effective manner. For any queries, you can have word of mouth with our representatives. We are available round the clock for your assistance.

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